“Ninguém é tão bonzinho e ingênuo o quanto aparenta ser. Ninguém.”

“Eu te quero e não é segredo.”

Artist Corrie White uses dyes and droplets to capture fantastical liquid sculptures at high-speed. The mushroom-like upper half of this photo is formed when the rebounding jet from one droplet’s impact on the water is hit by a well-timed second droplet, creating the splash’s umbrella. In the lower half of the picture, we see the remains of previous droplets, mixing and diffusing into the water via the Rayleigh-Taylor instability caused by their slight difference in density relative to the water. There’s also a hint of a vortex ring, likely from the droplet that caused the rebounding jet. (Photo credit: Corrie White)
Sinto falta dos bons tempos, porém dias melhores virão …

Sinto falta dos bons tempos, porém dias melhores virão …


Chaos & Lights by Abdullah Genc

The Last Book I Loved: The Dream Songs
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My relationship with John Berryman’s Dream Songs, like the songs themselves, is murky, complicated, obscure in origin, and not easy to explain — not even to myself. One signpost of great art, it seems to me, is that the meaning of its greatness shifts in relation to the reader over time, and my appreciation of The Dream Songs has deepened and evolved — as I expect it will to continue to for the rest of my life — in the two decades since it first came to my attention.

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a snippet from the new live show
Uia ..